TO DO List for Eastern Ontario Handgun Club Members

The more members we have, the more people there are to help. Please introduce your friends to the club. Click the photo to visit the source of this image. As you know, the EOHC is a non-profit club run by volunteers. To keep the club operating smoothly every member needs to lend a hand with the various jobs that need to be done. Under our constitution, a member needs to donate four hours of service to the club each year, if called upon to do so. If enough people help out on an on-going basis, the Executive won't have to pester people to do their part. When you spend time working for the club be sure to record the hours in the work log book on the desk in the club house.

Please check the Construction Updates page for the latest news on workparties related to our range upgrades.

Jobs to do at the Range

Bonfire - EOHC style
  • Build a storage shed beside the shotgun stand.
  • Cut down the saplings around the rifle range firing line
  • Trim back the growth for a couple of feet on either side of the road from the pistol range gate through to Range 1
  • Set up the forming for the cement wheelchair ramp
  • Clear brush around the shooting stand for the shotgun range
  • Remove all IPSC props from the range when you are finished shooting.
  • Take a bag of garbage/cans home with you when you leave the range (garbage bags are in the filing cabinet in the club house).
  • Clean the windows in the club house.
  • Take down any target placements that would result in props/stands being shot.
  • Carry two pieces of firewood into the clubhouse each time you enter the building and split some logs for kindling.

Jobs to do at Home

  • When visiting any websites that have a directory of gun clubs/ranges, check to see that we are accurately listed and if we are not, submit a link to us on that site.
  • Look over the club website and find any dead links, find the current URL and inform our .
  • Arrange to bring friends and colleagues out to the club to try target shooting.

Things we've done at the EOHC in the last 5 years

Range 2 firing line with foundation poured Range 2 firing line after the construction
Range 1 floor being raised

This page last modified on August 16th, 2004.

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