EOHC IPSC Matches Go Ahead, No Matter How Bad the Weather

Dry IPSC targets protected by a simple roofFor those of you not familiar with IPSC targets, the beige shoot target is sandwiched between two penalty targets. Two shots in the "A" zone of the shoot target would give you 10 points, while each hit on the penalty targets gives you a -10 point deduction. As this target was fired at from about 25m away, this made for a difficult shot. Dave Bartlett, of www.FirearmsTraining.ca fame, the designer of the match this target array was used in likes to make sure that the Accuracy portion of IPSC doesn't always get pushed to the side for the sake of speed. Many competitors hit the penalty targets a couple of times and ended up with a score of zero in this short course of fire. At the Eastern Ontario Handgun Club we strive to design matches which test the full range of shooting abilities and are fun for competitors.

The IPSC target array in this photo is protected from the pouring rain by a flat roof made of coroplast (now you know what that plastic "corrugated cardboard" is really called). We have had up to 50mm of rain during the course of a day long competition without the need to change a soaken target! For those of you who put plastic bags over the targets during a rainstorm, you'll find this setup is a godsend for match organizers. The best thing about this material is that it is cheap: you'll find it lying around by roadsides after every election. By the way, the white flecks in the backgound are all that was left of the snow that blanketed the range at the start of the shoot (i.e. before the 4 hour downpour!).

At our February IPSC match the RO laid his coffe down and ran a squad of 6 shooters through a couple of stages and returned to a now frozen coffee.

Don't be blind to what is behind your target !!

Don't be blind to what is behind your target

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