IPSC Match Squad Times

Sunday 9:00 -
Squad 1 - Range 1
Dave Bartlett
Brian M
Stacey C
Bernie R
Carlo B
David F
Nick P
Jenn P
Tim S
Christophe L
Doug C
Ivan D
Squad 2 - Range 3
Stephen H
Yvonne G
Reg G
Todd R
Mike W
Robert B
Monique T
Wolf H
Randy G
Greg G
Jim W
Craig S
Rick D
Morning Officials
Tim B, Georges T, Eber A
Sunday 13:00 -
Squad 3 - Range 1
Pat W
Tim B
T. Bird
David L
Jose S
Karl R
Mario K
Nikita M
Tommy M
Eric L
Squad 4 - Range 3
Frank de S
Karl B
Rachel B
Medha R
Steve R
Mark M
Carlo R
Ed S
D Lowry
Eber A
Cameron E
Afternoon Officials
Dave B, Brian M
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