Eastern Ontario Handgun Club Range Safety Rules

  1. Ranges are for use by members and invited guests only, except for those shooting events which are open to the public. Members shall be responsible for ensuring that their guests are aware of the EOHC's shooting range rules, and supervise their actions.

  2. When more than one member is on a range, those present shall appoint a range officer. The range officer shall be responsible for the shooting activities at the firing line and shall give the commands to "commence fire" and "cease fire".

  3. The range officer shall also be responsible for ensuring that all firearms are unloaded during a cease-fire, and that no firearms are handled while any person is down range.

  4. All firearms shall be transported to the range in accordance with Federal & Provincial regulations.

  5. Coming to and from the firing line, firearms are to be unloaded and completely clear of all ammunition. Firearms must not be handled anywhere besides the firing line or safety area and may only be loaded at the firing line.

  6. No ammunition may be handled in designated safety areas. All firearms must be proven clear at a designated safety area immediately upon arriving at, and prior to departing, the range facilities.

  7. All firearms placed on a firing line bench must have actions open until made ready to fire. Handguns placed in holsters (only those holsters which point the muzzle towards the ground are permitted) must be unloaded, uncocked, with any detachable magazine removed, until made ready to fire.

  8. Any firearms requiring maintenance shall be removed from the firing line to a designated safety area.

  9. Keep the muzzle direction downrange at all times or under your control.

  10. Keep the action of the firearm open at all times except when actually shooting or holstering the firearm.

  11. Shoot only proper targets that have been approved by the Club. At no time shall any member or guest discharge a firearm in such a manner that a bullet is likely to leave the range or at target stands or frames, metal cans, glass bottles, or any such material that may cause dangerous debris or bullet ricochets.

  12. All metal targets must be reactive (they must move or fall down when hit) and must be positioned at right angles to the direction of fire.

  13. Always put fireams safety first
  14. Everyone within close proximity to an active firing line must wear eye and ear protection at all times.

  15. Never allow horseplay, careless handling of firearms, or any other distraction while shooting is in progress.

  16. Do not fire at any targets directly on the ground. Bullets striking the ground may be deflected over side berms and backstops.

  17. No person impaired by alcohol or drugs shall be permitted to handle or discharge firearms on the club property.

  18. All members and guests must sign the range log book each time they visit the range.
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This page last modified on May 11, 2002.

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