EOHC Membership and ATT Renewals

It's time to submit your Authorization to Transport (ATT) and membership renewals. Please ensure that we get your renewals at least six weeks before your ATT expires. Please complete an ATT application and return it to the Club ASAP, if you live in Ontario. If you live in Quebec, complete the form and mail it to your CFO along with a copy of your 2002 membership card. You can use our online instructions and ATT forms or you can get the ATT forms at the EOHC clubhouse.

An individual renewal is $100 plus $35 for the Canadian Shooting Sports Association. Please send one check payable to the EOHC for $100 and a separate check payable to the CSSA for $35. A family membership is $110 for the EOHC plus $60 for the CSSA. Please include a CSSA renewal application with your check and highlight any changes to your address or other information. Remember that the preferred method of CSSA renewal is through the Club, so just ignore the CSSA renewal reminder that appears each fall as the Club sends in the renewals en mass in December.

As the ATTs are processed a couple of months prior to the end of the membership year, we will accept postdated checks from those who renew early.

If you plan on keeping handguns that were registered with target shooting as your purpose for ownership, you’ll need to maintain membership in a club. We will have to inform the Chief Firearms Office of members who have let their memberships lapse.

This page was last modified October 1, 2001.

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