2003 Quebec Provincial IPSC Championship Match Results

Once again the -->Quebec Practical Shooting Association --> put together a collection of excellent stages to give 130+ IPSC shooters a challenging 170 round match. The props were out of this world and the match was run efficiently. If you missed the match this year, don't make the same mistake in 2004!

Overall Match Results
Stage Results
More photos below...

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IPSC Stage 1 - Ivan looking to see if he can fit through the port

IPSC Stage 2 - Brian about to move link a Ninja on fire

IPSC Stage 3 - A 20 foot high barn!!

IPSC Stage 4 - Sam tackles the train

IPSC Stage 5 - It was a bathroom, but on Friday the shower had thunder

IPSC Stage 6 - opening the yellow door activates a couple of moving targets

IPSC Stage 7 - The Production match winner prepares to be fried

IPSC Stage 8 - a speed shoot

IPSC Stage 9 - try running a field course with a leg brace

IPSC Stage 10 - The grocery store was well stocked with lots of isles to run through

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