2002 Quebec Provincial IPSC Championship Match Results

Once again the -->Quebec Practical Shooting Association --> put together a collection of excellent stages to give IPSC shooters a challenging 175 round match. The props were great and the match was run very efficiently. If you missed the match this year, don't make the same mistake in 2003!

Stacey is ready to dismount for Stage 2 Overall Match Results
  1. Stage 1 - Range 1
  2. Stage 2 - Range 1
  3. Stage 3 - Range 1
  4. Stage 4 - Range 1
  5. Stage 5 - Range 2
  6. Stage 6 - Range 2
  7. Stage 7 - Range 2
  8. Stage 8 - Range 3
  9. Stage 9 - Range 3
  10. Stage 10 - Range 3
More photos below...

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I'm afraid to quess what they're looking at for the start of Stage 3 - and yes the waterbed is full of water! Ivan praying his gun will work for Stage 5
DQ Airline - they built a jet for an eight target Stage 6 - now that's energy! Stage 7, where you could open the door yourself or let a pepper popper do the work
Stage 8's limo ride Brian tackling Stage 9
Ivan showing great trigger finger positioning during Stage 10. Bye! See you next year...