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IPSC Ontario Provincial Championship
Level III - July 1-4, 2004

Thanks to everyone who worked together to make this match a success. A very small setup crew did an amazing amount of work getting everything ready for this event. The officials did an excellent job of effeciently running the ranges.

For those who have indicated that they will be working the match, we will hold your checks until after the match and tear them up after you've worked your time. Two days gives you a free entry to the match and three days gets you a free banquet ticket.

  1. Ottawa Hotels Ottawa East
  2. Bearbrook Farm Inn - limited space still available
  3. Map to the EOHC
  4. Match results - if you cannot access the site, request an emailed copy from
  5. Letter of Invitation for Quebec residents
  6. Please support our match sponsors - they are supporting your sport!

1. Intro

This will be a sanctioned Level III match with 16 stages and a round count of over 220 rounds. President's Medals and plaques will be awarded in Open, Standard and Production Divisions and Categories with sufficient entries.

Please be at the range by 8:00 on the day you are scheduled to shoot. You'll need to have breakfast enroute as we will only be serving lunch (compliments of Harveys).

The Eastern Ontario Handgun Club is a half hour drive east of Ottawa. Click on the map for travel options. Click on the map to the right to get more info about travel to Ottawa and things to do in the city. Ottawa has lots of attractions to keep your family amused while you shoot the match! If you are coming from out of town and need a place to stay, check out the Bearbrook Farm Inn - just ten minutes away from the range. Rates are $79.95 double and $69.95 single, with a large breakfast encluded.

Match Director

This page was updated on 07/10/2004