The NFA 8-Pack
If you or someone you know has been charged or threatened then
contact National Firearms Association at (403)439-1394!

In some jurisdictions, it is a POLICY to charge anyone who has a firearm stolen with improper storage [CC s. 86(2) "careless storage" or 86(3) "storage in violation of a regulation."]

The affect of a conviction under the storage laws and in fact most firearms charges is a loss of your guns for 10 years. No hunting, no shooting and for 10 years!.

The NFA can and does provide an 8-pack of favorable court decision transcripts. In most cases, simply showing the NFA 8-pack to the Crown prosecutor is enough to have him drop the charges before trial. Where he proceeds to trial, it is -- almost always -- enough solid precedent to win the case for the accused.

"Finlay" -- Supreme Court of Canada, binding on ALL courts -- forces the Crown to prove that the accused did something no reasonable person would ever do, prevents putting the accused on the witness stand, authorizes a defence of "due diligence" and requires proof beyond a reasonable doubt. A difficult set of standards to prove!
"Baldwin" says that storage in a locked apartment is satisfactory.
"Bowskill" says that a loaded shotgun in a place where the owner is there is not IN "storage." It is in use for personal protection.
"Davies" says that using a SWAT team on your home -- just because you own firearms -- turns the search into an "unreasonable" search, contrary to the Charter, and is grounds for voiding the search warrant.
"Joe" says that having a firearm in a rear-window rack in a pickup, in plain sight, in a vehicle parked on Main Street with the doors unlocked and a window half way down is not "careless storage" -- because the Crown did not prove that the firearm was IN "storage."
"Holborn" says that a loaded gun in a closet in a locked-up home where the owner is away and has lent the key to a trusted friend is not "careless storage."
"Smillie" -- Supreme Court of British Columbia -- says that CC s. 86(3) violates the Charter by knocking out the defence of due diligence with its language, and thereby becoming a law that can send a person to prison when that person has not done anything wrong. It cannot be used.
"Mullen" -- provincial court level -- says that a loaded firearm stored in an unlocked closet in a locked house to which only a trusted friend has a key is not "careless storage."
An 8-pack is available by sending a donation of $15 or more to NFA, Box 1779, EDMONTON AB, T5J 2P1. If you cannot afford the donation, the NFA will send it anyway -- enough people send extra to cover the cost.

The NFA has worked long and hard to send out favorable decisions, which then result in more favorable decisions, which are then added to the "pack" we send out. Those decisions did not come about by accident -- the fine Italian hand of the NFA is behind most of them. The 8-pack started as a 6-pack and progressed to a 7-pack before hitting 8, there are already cases being looked at to bump this to 9 and higher.

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