The National Firearms Association
The National Firearms Association is an organization devoted
to the lawful ownership of firearms in Canada.

The Aims of the NFA are:

  • to promote, support, and protect all safe recreational firearms activities,
  • to promote, support, and protect all educational firearms activities,
  • to promote natural justice for all firearms activities, and
  • to serve and inform responsible owners and users of recreational firearms.

The NFA works on all firearms-related law matters, from supplying expert witnesses for firearms-related cases in court to lobbying for improvements to firearms control laws. The NFA has always freely provided legal and technical information to all firearms community organizations to help them fight for your rights. The NFA is totally funded by membership and private donations and will never accept ANY government funding in order to remain true to its aims. For those of you who have Internet access, the NFA maintains a web site at with extensive information on firearms and gun-control.

The NFA's political educational programs are designed to increase awareness and encourage direct participation in the partisan political process by Canadian firearms community members, but the NFA supports no particular political party. The NFA analyzes the positions, history, and Leaders of all Parties before each federal and provincial election, and recommends one Party to support for that one election. We believe in true democracy. The NFA has represented Canada at International Association of Firearms Owners conferences since IAFO first started.

The NFA offers $5 million liability insurance coverage for any member, family or club, at $4.75 per person covered per year. We also provide many other services to the firearms community. NFA members and affiliated groups receive our PointBlank newsletter and Canadian Sportsman - a firearms, hunting, and angling magazine.

The NFA has fought (and won!) more court cases over firearms owners' rights than
all other Canadian firearms-related organizations combined!
If you or someone you know has been charged or threatened then contact the
National Firearms Association at (403)439-1394!

Join the NFA! Be part of the hammer, not just another Nail! We fight for your Rights!

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Send To: NFA, Box 4384, Station C, Calgary, AB, T2T 5N2, Tel: (403) 640-1110