Eastern Ontario Handgun Club's Web Site Links

Suggest a Website

Firearms Training - Canadian Firearms Safety Courses (member discount)
American Handgunner Magazine
Atlantic Marksmen Association's Links - lots of Canadian content
Barrie Gun Club
Birdman Weapon Systems - unfriendly products for an unfriendly world
Browning Hi-Power Links
Buffalo Target Shooters Association
Canadian Access to Firearms - monthly newspaper.
Canadian Coalition for Gun Control - a parody
Canadian Firearms Digest - THE mailing list for gun owners
Canadian Firearms Registry
Canadian Gun NutzActive discussion forum for Canadian gun owners.
Capital Trap Club - south of the Ottawa airport
Colt 1911A1 Links
FED UP rallies - click on this link for information.
Firearm Safety Tips - a link sent by an anti-gun friend
FlashBunny.org - a well done site full of pro-gun flash animations
For those not sure about the whole gun 'thing'
Geeks with Guns - more serious than fun, worth visiting
Grenville Fish and Game Club website
GunCite - research on firearms in society
Gunner's Alley Holsters and shooting accessoriesOnline retailer of gun holsters and shooting accessories who gladly ships to Canada.
Guns & Ammo Magazine
Guns Magazine
Handgun Control Incorporated - an American parody site
Hunting and Fishing Related Sites
Information for Americans on getting a Canadian Firearms Licence
IPSC Haiku - poetry meets gunfire
Is Modern Gun Control Hazardous to Police?
Joining the forces of Evil - info for aspiring gun owners
Law Enforcement and Government Sites
Law-abiding Unregistered Firearms Association
Liberal Gun Farce - a thorough rant about Canada's gun control laws
MARSTAR - Ontario firearms dealer (mail order)
Mothers Insisting on Licensed Tools - is that parody or satire?
Northumberland Pistol and Revolver Club
Ontario Hunting Network - Ontario's hunting search engine
Other Firearms Related Sites - LOTS of them!
Ottawa Area Shooting Group/range info
PinkPistols.com - Straight shooters don't have to be straight
Plattsburgh Rod and Gun Club - lots of interesting info for Canadians
Practical Shooting (IPSC) Links
RA Centre Gun Club website
Revoter - is it real or a joke? Either way, it is certainly funky!
Shooting Industry Magazine
Treat Guns Like Cars - should be mandatory reading for gun control advocates
Un-officical World Wide IPSC forum
Unsafe Arms and Ammunition Combinations from SAAMI
Valley Gunsmithing of Petawawa OntCustom gunsmithing in the Ottawa Valley and Canada's Premier Online Firearms and Miltaria Auction site
World Shooting Federation - a worthy organization