Ottawa Open - EOHC Level III IPSC Match - June 2003

The purpose of this page is to keep you informed of the plans and preparations for the 2003 Ottawa Open, our Level III IPSC match to be hosted by the Eastern Ontario Handgun Club in Cheney, over the 20-22 June, 2003 weekend.

This will be the first "classifier match" for Production Division!

An Ottawa Open shirt makes an appearance at the Ontario Provincials on the dashing Damian K.
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1. Intro

For those of you who don't travel to Toronto to the bigger matches - this is an opportunity to experience a large match close at home. Put the date in your calendar and send in a match registration form with your cheque to secure a slot - do it now before the last spaces are gone! Due to the overwhelming demand for slots in this competition, we are adding a third squad on Friday.

This will be a sanctioned Level III match with 12 stages and a round count of over 160 rounds. President's Medals and plaques will be awarded in Open, Standard and Production Divisions and Categories with sufficient entries. The match fee was $60 if received before June, now it is $70. Registration limited to 115 competitors (30 Friday, 39 Saturday and 39 Sunday). Match T-shirts will be included in the entry fee and you'll have an option to upgrade to a golf shirt for an extra $10. To ensure that you get the shirt style and size you want, get your registration in by May 31st (otherwise you had better be fond of XL t-shirts or EOHC hats). There will be a wide variety of prizes passed on placing and as door prizes. To get a hint of what will be given away, visit our match sponsors page.

The Eastern Ontario Handgun Club is a half hour drive east of Ottawa. Click on the map for travel options. Click on the map to the right to get more info about travel to Ottawa and things to do in the city. Ottawa has lots of attractions to keep your family amused while you shoot our match! If you are coming from out of town and need a place to stay, check out the Bearbrook Farm Inn - just ten minutes away from the range. Rates are $79.95 double and $69.95 single, with a large breakfast encluded.

2. Help Needed

Volunteers are needed to assist with RO'ing, building stages, doing the stats, etc. If you have not volunteered yet, but see something you really want to do, then please send an email to .

Saturday 14 June

- close Range 3 and construct 4 stages
- Workers: Dave, Brian, Julia, Brandon, Rob C. and Greg

Sunday 15 June

- close Range 2 for construction (leaving one range for general use)
- Workers: Dave, Brian, Julia, Brandon, Rob C., Rob W., Stacey, Doug, Mark, Michel and Greg

Wednesday 18 June

- close Range 1 for construction (no ranges available for general use)
- four or five handy people with tools
- at least one painter

Thursday 19 June

- finish any last minute construction details
- fine tune the stages with the work crew
- Range Staff to shoot starting at 12:30
- three or four handy people with tools
- a painter

Friday 20 June

- finish any last minute construction details
- fine tune the stages with the work crew
- Range Staff, work crew and sponsors to shoot starting at 10:30

Range Staff

The first draft of the work assigments is at the bottom of the new squad listings page.

Match Director