Learning to Shoot - Techniques from Beginner to Advanced

You won't find a lot of great books on target shooting at your local Chapters (perhaps if we all complain loudly about the lack of gun related titles that situation will change!), but there are plenty of resources available on the internet. One of the great things about the shooting sports is that people of all ages can do well. At the 2000 IPSC Canada National Championships competitors ranged from their late teens to their early 80s! Men and women usually compete side by side and the elite shooters are regularly in their 40s - not many sports can lay claim to such a broad base of participation. Most shooting sports are 90-95% mental and 5-10% physical: check out the techniques outlined here and see if you have the mental stamina for this sport.

A student working on the two handed grip with a Ruger Mark II Target on Range 2

Matt Burkett's tips:

A happy student poses for a photo after a gun safety briefing

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