A-Z of shooting

Airgun: A gun, it could be a rifle or a pistol, that uses compressed air or carbon dioxide to discharge lead pellets.

Bore: The interior diameter of a gun barrel also known as the calibre or gauge.

Bull: The blackened middle ring of a target that appears as a dot to the shooter taking aim. The centre ring is worth ten and may also be known as the bullseye.

Bunker: In the trap event this is the underground bunker in front of the firing line from which machines throw clay targets.

Calibre: The interior diameter of a rifle or pistol barrel.

Cartridge: The total components of a piece of ammunition which include the projectile, case, powder and primer.

Challenge: A shooter's appeal for a target to be re-scored.

Chamber: The rear part of the gun barrel into which a cartridge is enclosed for firing.

Crossfire: A shot accidentally fired onto another competitors target.

Firing Line: The line behind which shooters position themselves to fire at their targets.

Free pistol: A 0.22 calibre pistol that is considered relatively "free" of restrictions.

International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF): The world governing body for shooting sports.

Malfunction: A firearm or ammunition's failure to perform. The gun's inability to fire when the trigger is released.

Metallic Sight: Non-magnifying devices on the front and rear ends of a gun used to aid aiming.

Offhand: A term used to refer to the standing shooting position.

Pits: In 0.22 calibre shooting this the area downrange where targets are placed for use.

Sighters: Practice shots fired at the start of a match to check sight adjustments. These do not count in the match score.

String: A series of five, ten or more shots.

Stock: The wooden, metal, plastic or fibreglass end section of a rifle or shotgun, to which the barrel, action, trigger assembly and other parts of the gun are attached.

Ten-Ring: The inner ring of the black section of the target.

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