The EOHC Test - Can you score a 10?

The following ten questions will help you judge whether or not you have a grasp of what it takes to be a "good" member of the Eastern Ontario Handgun Club.

It is legal to store ammunition in a securely locked carry case with a firearm?
Targets should be positioned on target stands so that:
When do firearms owners have to have a Firearms Licence by?
Which of the following is not permitted in the safety area?
How many hours of service are members required to donate to the Club each year?
The role of the Club Secretary is to:
What must you do when you have a primer pop/squib load?
What do I need to get an Authorization to Transport (ATT)?
A secure locking device for firearms storage is?
Which of the following cartridges can be used in a firearm chambered for .357 Magnum?

You got out of correct.
If you scored less than ten correct, you need to review the answers.

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