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Let us keep in touch with you by subscribing to the Eastern Ontario Handgun Club's distribution list. Enter your email below and you will be added to our distribution list which covers upcoming courses, events of interest to shooters in Eastern Ontario, West Queb�c and Upstate New York, as well as newsflashes concerning firearms regulations. On average we send out about one or two bulletins a month, so you won't be flooded with junk mail. Click here for a sample of recent news..

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An information resource for all firearms owners and shooters in the region has also been established. This isn't an EOHC forum, it is intended as a resource for everyone interested in the shooting sports. If you are with another club, please add your club's events to the calendar. The more people who become members of the Eastern Ontario Shooters forum, the more valuable it will become to all gun owners in the area.

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The Canadian Firearms Electronic Mailing Lists

The purpose of the cdn-firearms electronic mailing lists is to help inform people everywhere by efficiently distributing information about Canadian firearm laws, regulations, and other related issues. Cdn-firearms-digest and cdn-firearms-alert are moderated to 1) avoid the bickering and arguments that are seen elsewhere, and 2) provide a source of information of particular interest and relevance to persons in Canada.

For all the latest information, subscribe to cdn-firearms-digest and cdn-firearms-alert.

You can subscribe to the cdn-firearms mailing lists by e-mailing the following commands to :

subscribe cdn-firearms-digest 
subscribe cdn-firearms-alert 
subscribe cdn-firearms-chat

(You should also be able to "click" the e-mail address above and then simply cut and paste (or type) the subscribe commands into the mail window.)

Please read the cdn-firearms-digest FAQ list.

The cdn-firearms-chat list is not archived. It is also not moderated, but you must still subscribe to post messages.

The cdn-firearms-alert list is moderated and is meant only for occassional alert messages that are "information-only" or that need to be sent within a couple of hours.

Discussions are allowed on cdn-firearms-digest but "flames" will not be forwarded to subscribers. A wide variety of opinions are published through cdn-firearms-digest to allow free expression of thought and encourage open debate, but submissions may be corrected for accuracy, grammar and spelling without consulting the author.

Back issues of the Digest are available via HTTP.

Note: Newer digests are available only to subscribers and only from majordomo. Older digests are available only from the HTTP (Web) sites. (i.e. Digests are available from majordomo from the instant they are sent out. When they are at least one month old, they are moved to the Web site.)

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