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This page and it's associated information pages were put in place to be downloaded, printed and distributed widely, to gun shows, ranges, the house next door -- you name it.

The information in these pages was gathered from NFA Brochures, the NFA PointBlank newsletter and from the President of the NFA. All of the information has been approved for usage by the NFA. More pages will be added as they become available.

The pages were designed to print on one page in black-and-white and thus are ideal for handouts. The instuctions for downloading and printing follow this section while the links to the handouts are contained in the next section.

If you have problems downloading, think these instructions should be changed, or have general feedback, please use the link at the top of the page. All of these pages and their instructions are in their first revision -- there may be bugs to work out. Before recommending that we put out M/S Word docs or some such thing, remember that there are many operating systems out there -- Linux and other Unices, Windows 3.1/95/NT as well as Macs, Amigas, and others. Each of these have their own word processors with various release levels. These pages are an attempt to focus on Web/HTML output.

Downloading and Printing Directions

Information Pages - Mix and match to suit your needs

One Printed Page

  1. The NFA - Information on the NFA with Sign-Up Form
  2. NFA Insurance - Information on NFA Insurance
  3. The NFA 8 Pack - Legal Cases to Fight Abusive Charges
  4. Registering Your Firearm as Unknown - NFA Information on Registering a Firearm as Unknown/Unknown/Unknown
  5. Orders in Council - How ANY Firearm in Canada can be Banned

Author: Don Shesnicky
Revision: 1.0
Date: May 11/98

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