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Boycott Chapters / Indigo

Chapters / Indigo has seen fit to censor the materials we are able to read. They have removed numerous books from their stores and have decided to add firearms and blade magazines to that list as well. They attempted to use the excuse that these items did not sell well. Poor selling items would be flagged on the computer system by title not 'content'. Also, the distributors only charge for magazines sold and accept all old stock back. So that excuse does not fly.

When I complained to the manager of a Chapters (aka "Censors") in Ottawa about the removal of gun magazines from their store, I was told that the decision was made by the CEO and individual store managers had no choice in the matter. She agreed that Chapters shouldn't be in the censorship business and didn't appear to be happy with the decision. There was no mention of this being a matter of poor sales.

Chapters / Indigo / Coles / W.H. Smith implies by this censorship that we must be in some way deviant to want to read these types of materials. They have a right to sell what they want. We have a right to boycott them and take our business elsewhere. Contact Chapters and let them know that we intend to take our patronage to those businesses that appreciate it. There are a few independent magazine shops around Ottawa that still have a reasonable selection of firearms magazines. Even better, see if your local gun shop can start stocking shooting magazines. For an excellent selection of gun books (and every other type of book and video) check out amazon.ca from this website and help the club earn referral fees by clicking on the Amazon ads. After being an Amazon affiliate for six months it looks like we will make enough on commissions to pay for our website each year.


This page was updated on 5/3/2007 2