"Wild Turkey Halloween" Photos
October 10, 2005
Grenville Fish and Game Club

(Back, L to R) Matlock Horn, Frenchie Earp, J.D. Higginbotham, Orleans Outlaw, Marshall Matt Nicholls, Cold Lake Kid, Carp River Drifter and Perth Road Cowboy. (Centre , L to R) Bear Child Potts, Limestone City Girl, Running Dog, Ben Longhorn, and The Stranger. (Front) Kan Kan Kate.
Bear Child Potts with his lever action and scattergun
Marshall Matt Nichols
Orleans Outlaw: "Now that's a gun!"
Marshall Matt Nichols watches as Stranger loads up
Ben Longhorn gets ready to load
Ben Longhorn makin smoke
Stranger, Running Dog
Cold Lake Kid shootin some bad guys
What's everybody standing around for?
Marshall Matt Nichols takes aim with his long gun
Kan Kan Kate looks real cool
Bear Child Potts
Bear Child Potts, Marshall Matt Nichols
The Orleans Outlaw - back in the saddle!
Matlock Horn, Carp River Drifter
Carp River Drifter has a laugh with the Stranger