"Tom Horn" Photos
July 30, 2005
Grenville Fish and Game Club

Marshall Matt Nichols blasts away at some bad guys

Frenchie Earp waits at the unloading table

Kan Kan Kate gives it her best shot while being timed by Bear Child Potts

Frenchie Earp helps Kan Kan Kate unload after shooting

Orleans Outlaw being supervised at the loading table

Orleans Outlaw blasts away with his double barrelled scattergun

Bear Child Potts encourages Orleans Outlaw: "It wasn't that bad...."

Carp River Drifter shooting Duelist

Deadly Darlene blasts away with her shotgun

Kan Kan Kate and Bear Child Potts

The OK Valley Kid blasts away on horse back

The OK Valley Kid shows off his black powder shooting irons

Porcupine Pete loads up

J. D. Higgenbottom uses his lever action rifle

J. D. Higgenbottom shows off his shooting style