"Happy Birthday Stranger" Photos
September 10, 2005
Eastern Ontario Handgun Club

Standing (L to R) Cold Lake Kid, Frenchie Earp, Porcupine Pete, Ben Longhorn, Bear Child Potts (standing rear centre), Johnny Longo, Orleans Outlaw, Stranger, Sheriff Mat Nicholls, and Carp River Drifter; Kneeling (L to R) Pinkerton Bob, Yorkshire Bob and Dalton

The Birthday (Cow)Boy

Porcupine Pete and his red NWMP longjohns

Carp River Drifter and the prairie schooner.

Stranger shoots behind his faithful horse

Orleans Outlaw, Johnny Longo, Porcupine Pete

CRD's matching Remington .44's.

Carp River Drifter keeps the bugs down with a black powder 12 gauge