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Cowboy Action Shooting


Scenes from SASS cowboy action shooting matches Its time to dust off those six-shooters, lever guns and double barrels. Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS) has come to the EOHC. We had an info session and some casual target practice CAS-style on Sunday, May 18th. There will be another practice session around the end of June, check back for details.

Anyone who enjoyed watching Western movies and TV shows such as Gunsmoke and Bonanza will enjoy CAS. CAS has opened up an entire new market for turn of the century firearms. Companies such as Colt, Winchester and Smith & Wesson have begun to reintroduce the firearms that made them famous during the turn of the century. Many firms such as Uberti and Pedersoli produce exact replicas of the old Colts and Winchesters that are more economically priced. This has made acquiring a CAS legal gun much easier for those who wish to get involved.

The Tequila Rig - Model TQ-02 - Kirkpatrick Leather Company has been manufacturing quality leather holsters since 1950, offering the best selection of western gunbelts in the market today. Click here to visit their website. The Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) has been largely responsible for the rapid growth of CAS. With its headquarters in Yorba Linda, California, it assists SASS sponsored CAS clubs throughout the world. SASS has standardized the sport of CAS so that competitions can be organized at the club, regional and national level. Canada currently has a number of SASS affiliated clubs in Ontario, Alberta and BC. CAS shooting is similar to IPSC except the stands are based on a Western theme and multiple firearms can be used in a given stand. (e.g. A revolver and a lever gun can be used during a single timed event) Some stands are based upon scenes from your favorite western movies. (i.e. The shooter must say ‘badges, we don’ need no steeenkin’ badges’ after the timer sounds but before he can draw and shoot, points will be deducted for forgetting your line or saying it incorrectly)

Don’t let all the rules alarm you, the main focus of CAS is to have fun. All shooters are welcome regardless how good a shot you are. If you aren’t the best shooter you can score points for being the best dressed. Costuming is also very important in CAS and many cowboy shooters spend a great deal of time and money perfecting their old west persona. In fact, looking the part is a very important aspect of CAS. This means no T-shirts, running shoes or baseball caps. Western style shirts or collared and buttoned shirts are the norm. If you don’t have cowboy boots, dark colored shoes will do until you can acquire suitable western footwear. Jeans are fine and so are khaki’s though they should look western (i.e. no cargo pants). No cowboy would be complete without his hat. Any cowboy style hat is OK. In fact you don’t have to be a proper cowboy. Your persona can be based upon any historical or fictional character of the American or Canadian West at the turn of the century. This includes civil war soldiers, cavalry soldiers, gunfighters, marshals, preachers, sheriffs, turn of the century Mounties, trappers, villains, saloon girls and Native North Americans to name just a few. At organized CAS shoots there are prizes for best costume and best old west attitude. A good site to help you do some research would be www.sassnet.com

Loading a single action revolverAll in all, CAS combines costumes, firearms and shooting skills in a single sport that focuses, above all, on having fun. Here is a short list of what you need to get started. (If you don’t have all of these guns, don’t worry – someone will have the gun type you’re missing and feel like sharing, at least until you beat them!)

  • Any single action revolver – Colt clone, black powder revolver, Schofield break top revolver
  • Gunbelt – western style gunbelt worn on hips, similar to those shown on Western movies and TV shows
  • Lever Action Rifle – in a pistol calibre. (i.e. .357, .45 Colt )
  • Shotgun – turn of the century style. Can be double barrel with hidden or exposed hammers or Winchester 1897 pump action.
  • Collared Shirt with Buttons / Western style shirt (no T-shirts)
  • Jeans or cowboy style dress pants
  • Cowboy boots or dark coloured shoes (no white tennis shoes or sneakers)
  • Cowboy Hat (or civil war style kepi, blue or gray)

Y’all come on down now, y’hear. If you have any questions please contact Marc Greatti at CAS@EOHC.ca.

Some of the well dressed folks who showed up for our first cowboy action shooting event.

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