Eastern Ontario Handgun Club Bylaws

  1. Rules contained in Roberts "Rules of Order" shall govern the club in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with the rules of order of the club.

  2. All club members shall pay their membership dues by the end of the calendar year for the following year. Special exemptions may be made for temporarily absent members.

  3. All members shall provide a valid "Firearms Licence" (e.g. Firearms Acquisition Certificate or Firearms Possession Licence).

  4. All members requesting an "Authorization to Transport" for the transportation of restricted firearms and prohibited handguns shall successfully complete an approved course in the safe use and handling of such firearms. A club member who has been certified as a firearm safety instructor for the delivery of such courses shall deliver this course.

  5. All members using restricted firearms and prohibited handguns must maintain competency by shooting at the range on at least two occasions annually to be considered active members (special exemptions may be made for temporarily absent members).

  6. The executive shall develop a set of range safety rules for each shooting discipline and shall post these rules.

  7. The club shall purchase annual general commercial liability insurance in an amount no less than $2 million.

    1. Only members in good standing may introduce guests to the club and/or range facilities.
    2. No member may introduce more than four guests at any one time for regular shooting, (this does not include special events, training, etc.)
    3. No guest may shoot on the range facilities more than four times per calendar year without becoming a regular member.

  1. A regular member must ensure that guests are aware of the range safety rules.

  2. The club member shall supervise and be responsible for the conduct of his/her guest at all times while on the range property.

  3. All guests shall sign the range guest book prior to shooting.

  4. All guests shall be in possession of a valid "Firearms Licence" or remain under the immediate supervision of the club member at all times while in possession of a firearm.

Use of Club/Range Facilities

  1. The range facilities shall be available to all members in good standing without prejudice each day from 9:00 a.m. until sunset. This may exclude times when the facility is being used for other purpose or under maintenance etc.

  2. No person shall attend the range facility or discharge firearms while apparently under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

  3. There shall be no consumption of alcohol at the Club's ranges when the ranges are open for shooting.

  4. Minors must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18 years at all times while shooting.

  5. Appropriate red flags shall be posted while the range is active. A green flag may be posted to indicate a cease-fire.

  6. At any time that two or more individuals are shooting on a range, one person shall be designated as the range officer.

  7. The range officer must be obeyed while on the range.

  8. Eye and ear protection shall be mandatory for all shooters and spectators in reasonable proximity of the shooting line.

  9. The use of safe holsters (those which point a handgun's muzzle towards the ground) is permitted and encouraged.

  10. Rifles and shotguns are not permitted on the handgun ranges without prior approval.

  11. No person shall be permitted forward of the firing line without the express permission of the range officer, if one is present, and only after a cease-fire has been called and all firearms have been declared safe. No shooters shall approach a shooting bench or handle a firearm during a cease-fire.

  12. In the event of a misfire during target practice, the shooter shall keep the muzzle of the firearm pointed downrange for a period of 60 seconds prior to clearing the firearm.

  13. Any shooter who finds his/her firearm to be defective during a shooting exercise shall notify the range officer immediately, if one is present.

  14. Any shooter on the firing line must call a cease-fire at any time that he/she observes an unsafe condition.

  15. It shall be the responsibility of each member and guest to ensure that all safety rules and procedures are adhered to at all times while on the range property.

  16. Failure to follow any and all range rules may result in disciplinary measures, suspension of shooting privileges or dismissal from the club/range.

  17. Any person who deliberately fails to handle and/or discharge firearms in a safe manner shall be removed from the range property immediately. Violations may result in suspension of range privileges and termination of his/her club/range membership.

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