Bullseye Shooting - Standard Pistol

Standard Pistol

.22 LR cartridge

Standard Pistol is a combination of slow fire and rapid fire shooting. Competitors shoot .22 LR calibre pistols from 25 meters at precision targets with a 5cm 10 ring. This is probably the most affordable form of competition for cartridge firing handguns because the guns are reasonably priced and boxes of 500 rounds of Winchester T22 target grade ammunition can be bought for under $20.

Ruger Mark II Target Pistol

The Guns: Standard Pistols shoot .22 calibre ammunition from a five-shot magazine without the advantage of ported baffles or wrap-around grips which are used in rapid-fire pistol. A good gun for someone starting in this form of competition is the Ruger Mark II Target pictured to the left - these are currently selling for $300-$400 on the used market in Canada. World-class guns for this event, like the Walther, Hammerli 208, Fas. or Pardini, cost $1400 - $2000. The 500% price difference between a low-end and a high-end target pistol might "buy" a 1-2% improvement in score, so if you're not within a couple of percent of the winning score in a match, don't feel too disadvantaged.

Course of Fire: Competitors fire 60 shots in three timed series. The first series is shooting 5 shots in 150 seconds. This is repeated until a total of 20 shot has been fired. The second series is shooting 5 shots in 20 seconds. This is repeated until a total of 20 shot has been fired. The third series is shooting 5 shots in 10 seconds. Again, this is repeated until a total of 20 shot has been fired. It takes a bit of practice to get comfortable with the time limits so that you don't try to simulate full-auto in the shorter time limits.

Perfect match Score: 600 is a perfect score, and consistently shooting 550 would put you at the top of the Ottawa Valley Pistol League.

Finals: Finals are not contested in this event, however, if two or more shooters are tied for 1st, 2nd or 3rd, a 'shoot off' is held. This consists of 3 sets of 5 shots in 10 seconds. A perfect shoot off score is 150.

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