2003 Annual General Meeting called to order 15:10


  1. Approval of Previous Minutes: Motion Scott Smith, Seconded by Rob Wood � carried


  1. Business arising from previous minutes
    1. Move to 3 year ATT for Ontario residents appears to be successful
    2. Move to 2 year ATT for Quebec residents will require payment of membership for the duration of the two year ATT.
    3. The rifle range will be wider than anticipated, and workers were thanked.
    4. EOHC will apply for a Trillium Foundation grant for help in moving sand for the rifle range.
    5. There will be a work party later in November.


  1. President's report
    1. There has been an increase in club activity, and Dave thanked all those who took part in a busy 2002
    2. There will be a return to having a level III IPSC match on St. Jean Baptiste Day weekend.



  1. CRO report
    1. 14 club members have been trained as CSSA certified instructors
    2. Denis wants to reorganize the course to keep the time commitment lower
    3. There is a preliminary investigation into the purchase of training firearms.
  2. Range Practice Director's report
    1. Monique Trepanier said that she had asked for input but received no replies or suggestions this year
    2. There appears to be no interest in IDPA events
    3. She urged someone else to step forward and run for the job
    4. She suggested the club investigate demo cowboy action shooting, a ladies day, more level I IPSC matches.
  3. Treasurer report
    1. Renewals are running just under one third of the membership
    2. Our current balance is $14,110.49 with some expenses prepaid and some (such as annual rent) which still must be paid
    3. The report was accepted on a motion by Mark Martin and seconded by Tom Wendt-Hansen.
  4. Competition Director's report
    1. Much was covered in the President's report
    2. All match workers were thanked
    3. PPC has drawn a small group but there is hope the participation will grow.
  5. Elections
    1. President � Dave Bartlett was nominated by Scott Smith and seconded by J.F. There were no other nominations so he was acclaimed as President.
    2. Competition Director � Brian Milne was nominated by Dave Bartlett and Mark Martin. There were no other nominations so he was acclaimed as Competition Director.
    3. Range Practice Director � J.F. Cr�peau was nominated by Dave Bartlett and Rob Wood. There were no other nominations so he was acclaimed as Range Practice Director.
  6. New Business
    1. The bridge has been open for a week now.
    2. The website and technical issues around the website server were discussed
    3. Questions were raised about the range noise heard by the neighbours and it was learned that the higher berms have made the off-site noise negligible.
  7. Adjournment � the meeting was adjourned at 16:33 on a motion by Doug McKay and seconded by Rob Wood. Carried.